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Paizo Publishing
Type Private
Industry Role-playing games, board games, science fiction and fantasy fiction
Founded 2002
Headquarters Redmond, Washington
Key people Lisa Stevens, Erik Mona, James Jacobs
Products Pathfinder, Planet Stories

Paizo Publishing is an American publishing company in Redmond, Washington that specializes in game aids and adventures for "the world's oldest fantasy roleplaying game"[1] (Dungeons & Dragons) and its flagship spin-off game and setting, Pathfinder. Paizo also runs an online retail store selling role-playing games, gaming aids, board games, comic books, toys, clothing and other products, and has an Internet forum community.

The CEO of Paizo is Lisa Stevens. The company's name is derived from the Greek word παίζω paizō, which means 'I play' or 'to play'.

D&D and Pathfinder[]

Paizo formerly published Dragon and Dungeon magazines,[2] both published under license from Wizards of the Coast. Publisher Erik Mona is former Editor-in-Chief of Dragon. The former Editor-in-Chief of Dungeon is James Jacobs, who is now Editor-in-Chief of the Pathfinder magazine. In early 2007, it was announced that the license had lapsed and would not be renewed, effective September 2007.[3][4][5]

Paizo announced on March 18, 2008, that they would be launching the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.[6] Through the new product line, Paizo would modify, update, maintain, and publish the 3.5 System Reference Document (under Wizards of the Coast's Open Gaming License). The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game would also support Paizo's Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting. In March 2008 Paizo also announced that it was introducing an organized play program called "Pathfinder Society Organized Play." The program was loosely modeled on the RPGAs "Living" campaigns. It releases 28 scenarios each year (two each month, four in July) for members to purchase. Scenarios are short adventures meant to be completed within four to five hours.

Paizo's new flagship product line, Pathfinder, continues the Adventure Path concept featured in Dungeon. Additional products set in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting include Pathfinder Modules, Pathfinder Chronicles, and Pathfinder Companion.

Other products[]

The company began producing a bimonthly magazine called Undefeated in 2003,[7] and in 2004 resurrected the venerable science fiction title Amazing Stories.[8] The two publications were placed on hiatus in 2005, and finally canceled in 2006.[9]

Other Paizo product lines include the Titanic Games line of board games such as Kill Doctor Lucky,[10] and the Planet Stories line of classic fantasy, science fiction, and science fantasy novels.[11]


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